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Fiat Car Key Replacement

Fiat Car Key Replacement

Known as one of the Big Three not only in Detroit but for the
entire automotive industry in the United States, Fiat is home
to some of the most popular and best selling car
models in America.

It was initially founded as a holding company in Italy in 1899 before being rebranded as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in the US in 2014 after a merger with Peugeot. The company is home to globally renowned brands such as Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Maserati, Jeep, and Ram, But as the standalone Fiat brand, it is known for the 500X and Egea.

Like other automakers, though, owners of Fiat vehicles also often encounter problems such as lost, damaged, or missing car keys. When these things happen, a great way to find a solution is by getting in touch with a trustworthy locksmith company like Cooper Locksmith.

Damaged Fiat key replacement

For the newer car models from Fiat today, the keys used are no longer like the traditional metal keys that we used to see in the past. These days, car keys have more sophisticated technology that improves the security of your vehicle and ensures that it won’t be easy to steal.

After the generation of traditional laser-cut metal keys, several other types have surfaced such as the transponder key, switchblade key, and smart key. All of these have different compositions and design but they all perform the same task — open and lock the doors, your car trunk, and start the engine.

And regardless of the type of key you are using, they are all bound to get worn out and need replacement after a few years. When this happens, you need to know who you can contact and what needs to be done so you can set aside a budget for the total costs and know how long the repairs or replacement will take before you can use your car again.

For older Fiat models that use simpler keys such as the conventional metal and transponder type, car key replacement Louisville KY services may fall within $100 to $150. It depends on the model, the year your car was manufactured, what needs to be done, and the availability of parts to repair or replace the key.

The newer models, meanwhile, may set you back by around $200 up to $400, also depending on the type of key that you are asking to get replaced. If you have a damaged smart key, expect to pay more for the service because it’s more technical and might need reprogramming in order to work with your car’s computer system.

But the good thing is that no matter which type of key needs replacement, a professional automotive locksmith can do the job.

Cooper Locksmith is a trusted car key replacement Louisville KY company that you can count on. We have a team of licensed locksmiths who can work on any type of Fiat key, car model, and year of manufacture to help you gain access to your vehicle as soon as possible.

Skipping the dealership

When you encounter problems with your car, it’s normal for you to think of contacting your dealer as the first step to addressing your concern. This is especially the case for first-time car owners or those who are worried about voiding their warranty.

Fiat Car Key Replacement

But the truth is that going to your dealership is not always the best and only option to solve a problem with your car security. You can also contact professional automotive locksmiths to provide assistance, especially if you have an urgent need at a time when most dealerships are already closed.

Although there is a difference in the service rates charged by a local car dealer and a locksmith company, they are not too far apart. There are instances when your dealer would ask you to pay less for a car key replacement Louisville KY service. But it may not include other fees that you need to cover aside from the labor costs and the towing service in case you need to bring your car to the dealership lot.

The same thing can be said with locksmith companies. Their rates may be al little higher, but they make up for it in making sure that the service is mobile and more convenient for you. After you finalize your request through a phone call or a website inquiry, all you need to do is wait for the technician at your specified location.

If your concern is about car key replacement, however, we recommend getting the services of a professional locksmith. Since you don’t have a properly functioning key, it would be difficult if the technician at your local dealership asks you to bring the car all the way to their place. This might be the case when there is a need for reprogramming in the key and your car’s security system.

Availing the services of a licensed automotive locksmith means being able to enjoy the benefits of mobile services and better value for your money.

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Finding the best car key replacement Louisville KY service can be a bit challenging if you don’t know what you are looking for. But if you’re reading this, it means you are already in the right direction.

Cooper Locksmith offers automotive locksmith solutions to all car owners within our serviceable areas. All our services are available 24/7. You don’t have to worry about calling in the middle of the night, on the weekend, during a holiday, or when there is inclement weather because our technicians will always be available to serve your needs.

Our company prioritizes the satisfaction of our clients so we also work hard to keep our rates as competitive as possible. This way, we can reach more people in our community and give them the chance to enjoy high-quality services from experts.

If you are looking to book a service from us, feel free to call us at (502) 237-4844 so we can finalize your request. You can also ask for a free estimate if you can’t commit to a service yet.

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