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Chrysler Car Key Replacement

Chrysler Car Key Replacement

As one of the so-called ‘Big Three’ car manufacturers in the
United States, Chrysler, also known as Fiat Chrysler
Automobiles, has a number of products traversing
the road across America.

The brand has been around for close to a hundred years, which is a testament to its craftsmanship and ride quality. But owners of even the most expensive cars are still susceptible to losing their car keys for various reasons.

And when this happens, there are only a few options available: to call your dealer and wait for several hours to a few days until they can address your concerns or contact Cooper Locksmith for a quick and reliable solution.

What to do before calling a locksmith?

Sure, losing the keys to your vehicle is panic-inducing. We totally understand why the first thing that would cross your mind is to call your car dealer or a professional locksmith to help solve the problem for you. But before you make that call, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

First, make sure your car key is really lost and not simply misplaced in your purse or was accidentally left inside the vehicle. Car owners tend to worry so much when they can’t find their keys that there are several instances when calls are made only to realize that the keys are not really lost.

To save everyone the hassle, be sure to check all possible places where your Chrysler keys could be. Or locate your duplicate in case you have one. This is more efficient than calling a locksmith or asking your dealer to fashion out a new key for your car.

Now, once you’re sure that your key is missing or maybe it’s malfunctioning or got stuck in the ignition, it’s time to contact our professionals. If going to your dealer is not an option, the best way to do this is by calling a licensed technician.

Cooper Locksmith has a team of professional automotive locksmiths capable of providing the best car key replacement Louisville KY services. We are available 24/7 to help you with any concern you may have with your Chrysler vehicle or any other make or model you may have problems with.

However, before we can proceed to fulfill your service request, be ready to supply us with all the necessary information we may need. If you need to, have your documents with you and give us your car’s Vehicle Identification Number.

Also, guide us through the problem so we can have a better assessment of your request. This way, our locksmiths would know what to do and can equip themselves with the right tools before heading to your location. Inform our technicians which type of key you are looking to get replaced, as well as for which car make, model, and manufacture year.

The more information you share with our technicians, the easier it will be for us to complete the service and the sooner you can gain access to your vehicle again.

How much does it cost to replace a Chrysler car key?

The cost of a car key replacement Louisville KY service is among the things customers would like to know first. And this is understandable, especially if you want to explore all options available to you before committing to one service provider.

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However, you also have to keep in mind that the rates are defined by several factors that may or may not be consistent with all companies. Generally, though, it depends on the type of key that needs to be replaced.

For older Chrysler car models that use simple types like the conventional metal keys. It is relatively easier to make a replacement, so rates are cheaper and the process may be faster. Whereas key fobs and remote access keys for the newer models tend to be more expensive and harder to create because of the smart chip placed inside.

A conservative estimate would put less than $100 for car key replacement in older models and up to more than $400 for newer models. Of course, it also depends on how complicated the technology may be in your original car key.

Who you decide to make a key replacement for your Chrysler also plays a role in how much you are going to pay. Although your dealership may charge you lower rates than other locksmith companies, it is possible for them to require you to bring the car over to the dealership lot, which would mean having the car towed.

In this scenario, you can expect to shell out quite a huge sum of money because towing services are nowhere cheap. Plus, you will have to wait for business hours to resume before anyone at the dealership can attend to your concern.

If you want everything to be more convenient, with the assessment and service done by a mobile technician, then you should contact our professional automotive locksmith.

Cooper Locksmith has a mobile car key replacement Louisville KY service available at any time of the day and any day of the week. Our locksmiths are always ready to help you address your concerns with your Chrysler. We also guarantee competitive rates for high-quality services. Feel free to call our number to ask for a free quotation.

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Finding a reliable car key replacement Louisville KY service won’t have to be your problem anymore because you can simply count on Cooper Locksmith for all your needs. Our team is composed of licensed technicians with years of professional training and experience, so you can be sure that your service requests will be fulfilled.

We guarantee the satisfaction of our clients by making sure we provide high-quality assistance at affordable rates. We also see to it that all concerns are addressed before tagging a request complete. All our automotive locksmith services are available 24/7, so you may feel free to contact us whenever it is most convenient for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend or a holiday because we will be at your location in no time.
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